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    Created by Blazeknight

      July 27, 2012, 4:10 pm
    1st get out of the shelter
    2nd go to thee police station(strait)
    3rd grab the gun read the note(table) kill the zombie and grab the key head
    4th go to the left kill the zombies(shoot 2 walk one step forward then back while zombies chase u then shoot 1 then the other)
    5th go to the table pick up the key read the note( i think theres 2)
    6th get out go to the shelter(not going in)
    7th go right shoot the zombie press space on the chest read the note
    8th pick up the extinguisher
    9th go left and go into the apartment
    10th extinguish the fire
    11th kill the zombie
    12th read the note
    13th get ur daughter(in the armware)
    14thgo to the shelter and BOOM home free

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