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    Created by merrygodrown

      July 20, 2012, 3:40 pm
    Step 1. Plug in the wires in front of you.

    Step 2. There are two locks on your far left and far right, click them.

    Step 3. Click the lock thingy directly in front of you.

    Step 4. Pick up the cell phone and go to the computer. Move the red mug and pick up the key underneath it. There will be another desk right next to the one with the computer on it, there should be a red vial on it pick it up, then click on the waste basket on the far left there will be another vial in it. Your key should be in the top left corner click it and then click the bottom drawer of the desk with the computer on it inside, is another vial. The top drawer has a piece of paper in it tells you password for the computer but we'll get to that later.

    Step 5. click the right arrow and you'll find yourself at the vat there'll be a vial in the bottom left corner and there will be a switch behind the vat on the left side you need to click more than once so be sure it is all the way over to on. on the right of the vat there is an area map right above it are the number - 5921- it opens the first test subject vat.

    Step 6. Turn right again and on the lower left you'll see a small cabinet with six doors the top four are jammed shut and can't be opened but the bottom drawers can be and inside you'll find another vial. Click the arrow to go to specimens (left one, down the hallway.)

    Step 7. Specimen 2 is the one directly in front of you and underneath it's keypad is another vial, there a small sign to the left of it's keypad and it has the code written in red and circled you can't miss but here it is -7782-. Click it's keypad and then click in it's pass code. After it opens up there will be a big black cable attached near the top of the tube, click it then back out, and you'll have the red access card.

    Step 8. Specimen 1 is on the left and it's pass code was the -5921- click on it's keypad and punch in it pass code, again, there will be a big black cable near the top of the tube, click and back out to get the green access card.

    Step 9. Click the right arrow and at the bottom left there will be an another switch *REMINDER-YOU HAVE TO CLICK IT MORE THAN ONCE*

    Step 10. Click the right arrow and you'll be at a small lab step up , on the first shelf to the left of the beaker is another vial, and to the left of the desk is another switch.

    Step 11. click the right arrow again and at the mouth of the specimens hall there are two cupboards click on the closed one to find another vial.

    Step 12. Click the left arrow and go back to the science table set up, on the desk are four brains and to the right of those brains is a test sample analyzer click it then click the green arrow. then back out and click the arrow on the right.

    Step 13. once at the lab click the arrow at the end of the hall on the left and then click the computer, delete the stars (you have to click and backspace) then on your keyboard type the word (angel), don't type the parentheses read the article you want but click on * Specimen 3 -Status Report* and it'll tell you the pass code for Specimen 3 which is -1259- back out when your ready and click the left arrow, then click the left arrow at the end of the hall and finish off Specimen 3, back out and go back to the computer and log onto it, open the door.

    Step 14. Almost done! Click the the left arrow and then exit through the door!
    there will be a black and yellow lighting bolt sign right above it you need to flick the red switch one click will do this time. Right above that there are two wheel (they don't look like wheels more like gray buttons and can be a pain to find) side by side click them each once, then on the far left side there are two more wheels click them both once and your done! click the arrow in front of you for VICTORY
    Hope you enjoyed the game and the walkthrough please do click the "thank" button
    By Merry go drown

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