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    Created by jvitor

      July 2, 2012, 12:08 pm
    1-Click on the pencil sharpener
    2-Go east
    3-Click on the cabinet with two strokes on top
    4-Click the Hall Pass
    5-Go north
    6-Click the trash
    7-Go south
    8-Go east
    9-Go north
    10-Click the feather duster in the inventory
    11-Go south
    12-Go east
    13-Go east
    14-Click on the Hall Pass in inventory
    15-Go east
    16-Go east
    17-Click onDollar the inventory
    18-Go north
    19-Click on "I need to talk to principal"
    20-Click on "i want to tell him a joke"
    21-Go west until you leave school
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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