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    Created by Likwid_Games

      December 26, 2011, 10:31 pm
    Here is the walkthrough:
    1)Snipe the guy that appears out of the hole/ditch.
    2)Snipe the guy leaning against the tree. Now snipe the lookout.
    3)Snipe the lookout first. Then snipe the guy sitting on the log. Now, kill the guy standing.
    4)Snipe the first guy on top of the tank, and then the other.
    5)Just snipe the gunner.
    6)The guy will be int he window next to the farthest left, on the first building.
    7)If your scope has the "Zoom" function, zoom in and snipe the left guy first. Then, kill the guy on the right.
    8)Again, zoom in and aim at the first "bridge" between train cars. Don't get trigger happy though, you have to kill the commander and no one else.The commander has a Russian hat on.
    9)Listen to the Intel.
    10)Shot the generator. Shoot the guard in the leg. Shoot the power box inside.
    11)Just snipe the motorcyclists.
    Credits: Likwid_Games

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