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    Created by joce310

      October 10, 2011, 5:50 pm
    Collectables: Thing by your feet at the beginning, glove, stick, green thing, water bottle, hamburger, vomit, yellow bottle, gum, chair, gray dots, and red string.

    1. The guy in front of you is hungry. Pick up the hamburger, click on it, then click on the guy. He will puke and faint. Pick up the puke to use later.
    2. The next person will try to lightsaber battle you if you use the stick on them. You will then have to click on them several times and they will disintegrate.
    3.The next guy will melt if you use the puke on him.
    4. Now if you pick up the glove off the trash can and use it on the next kid you will choke him and he will turn purple and faint.(you should try clicking on him first, the story he tells is kinda funny)
    5.Use the glove on the trash can, click until you see the gray thing (razorblade) then use it on the emo who will cut himself and mysteriously fade into the background.
    6.pick up the pink gum in front of the tent, use it on yourself and you will put it in her hair.
    7. Pick up the girl's chair and use the stick to penetrate the fortress. Now your EPIC BATTLE!!!!!!!!! shall commence. take his glasses and while he's blind proceed to use the chair to beat his head until it implodes.

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