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    Created by iWicked

      August 23, 2011, 4:58 pm
    A Quick and Easy to follow Ghostscape Walkthrough:

    1. Grab the crowbar on the right side

    2. Use the crowbar to break off the boards and open the door

    3. Turn right until you see a piece of paper laying against the wall and click it

    4. Head upstairs

    5. Turn right and enter the bathroom. It's the door on the far right when you go up the stairs.

    6. Get the candle from the window on the right side.

    7. While still in the Bathroom, turn left until you see a flower pot, there should be a green key. Click it.

    8. You'll then have to use the key to exit out of the Bathroom

    9. Go into the Bedroom on the right. It's the door on next to Bathroom.

    10. Turn right and grab the piece of scrap paper.

    11. Then, turn left in the Bedroom and grab the ring on the floor.

    12. Exit the Bedroom and head downstairs.

    13. Enter the Dining Room. It's located at the far right.

    14. Turn left and you should see a Kitchen door. Go ahead and enter it.

    15. Grab the Ladder. If your having difficulty seeing, it's in the middle when you enter the Kitchen. Just hover your mouse over the middle area and you'll be sure to get it.

    16. While still in the Kitchen, turn left from where you grabbed the Ladder and you should see a Diary Page, laying next to the Pantry Door.

    17. Exit out of the Kitchen, and head back upstairs and into the Bedroom. Click on the brief case and enter "6294" to unlock it. Click on any of the objects and you'll automatically grab them both.

    18. Exit out of the Bedroom, and head back downstairs. Use the cellar door key on the Cellar door. It's right under the Deer trophy head.

    19. Turn to your right just a tab and grab the Ceremonial Dagger.

    20. Turn left until you see another case and enter "7832" to unlock it and grab the items.

    21. Use the crowbar on the nail boards to reveal a hole.

    22. Turn to your left and you'll see a piece of paper lying on the floor against a rock. Go ahead and click on.

    23. Exit the hole and Cellar room and head back upstairs.

    24. Use the Bedroom Door key on the Bedroom door on the left side.

    25. Grab the amulet next to the bed.

    26. Turn to the right just a bit and you should see another case. Use the code "1006" to unlock it and take the key.

    27. Exit out of the Bedroom and head back downstairs. Turn to the right and enter the Dining Room at the far right.

    28. Enter the Kitchen. Turn to your left and use the key you've found from the previous case on the Pantry door.

    29. Use the crowbar on the locked floor door and enter. Grab the red candle and piece of paper right under it.

    30. Exit out of the Pantry, the Kitchen, and out of the Dining Room. Head upstairs and use the ladder on the hole that you'll see on the ceiling. Climb up to the Attic.

    31. Turn left and you'll see another case. Use the code "9385" to unlock the case and grab the red candle.

    32. A ghost will appear and you'll have to take a picture with your camera. (It's right next to the flashlight) You'll then receive the Front Door key after taking the photo.

    33. Exit out of the Attic and head back downstairs. Simply use the Front Door key on the green arrow below on the screen to head back outside.

    34. Grab the newspaper on the floor. Then simply exit out of the newspaper to finish the game.
    Credits: I hope this walkthrough will help those in need. It's a lot of text, but I wanted to assure that people will get throough the game without struggle.

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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