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    Created by darkangel213

      March 28, 2011, 2:12 am
    mission 1 - intro
    -pick your character then pick your gun (remember to conserve your ammunition)

    mission 2 -
    - go to north road and enter. When you see a footprint(its a puddle of water) click it and your automatically in the hideout. wait for a guy to come out at your right side heading for the truck( In this mode you will use your binoculars )
    - you will be upside down after that.

    mission 3 -
    - go to the village and buy some c4
    - then go to east road and go to the bridge then put the c4( you will know where to put it )
    - after that wait for the SECOND car to come hit it just right to destroy the truck( timing is everything)

    mission 4 -
    - after you got the artifact head back to the safe house you will see your comrade being tied up
    - hit the guy in the window next wait for the guy who is walking around to TURN AROUND then shoot the other guy then shoot him( note : there will be another guy who will jut pop out )

    mission 5 -
    - you will notice that the artifact will be stolen then just keep hitting the guy who stole it ( note: it's ok if you didn't kill the guy because you don't actually get to kill the guy)

    mission 6 -
    - follow his trail of blood in the village
    - get the bike and then kill all the other mercenaries ( for quick kill buy a shotgun and hit them in the body note: they have helmets so it's useless to hit them in the head hehe )
    - be alert cause you get to click the button ( w, a, s, d )\
    - once you got the artifact your character will say "let's end this" or something
    - once you kill all the mercenaries hit the ledge twice
    - ( your already at the villa ) enter the villa and then done


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