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    Created by akosibitoy

      June 25, 2010, 10:40 pm
    hi this is a walkthrough of Tactical Assasin:Substratum

    mission 1:kill the man wearing a hat

    egg:shoot the can lying near the dustbin

    mission 2:kill the guy that answers the door not the pizza delivery man

    egg:shoot the bird in the fence from the right

    mission 3:kill the guy with the pickup truck

    egg:shoot the middle bulb the left set of traffic lights

    mission 4:kill the guy who is answering the call the one in the left

    egg:The sign board that is sticking out on the left

    mission 5:sorry this is really hard and i dont know how to explain it but you need timing or something

    mission 6:first shoot the guard in the corridor then the guard near the gate lastly the guard near the truck

    egg:shoot the doorbell

    mission 7:he is in the right in the upper floor near two guys

    egg:the extra peg at the bottom

    mission 8:kill the driver of the first car then shoot the backseat of the second car

    egg:shoot the bird in top of the wire

    mission 9:first shoot the left guy below then the right guy near him next shoot the guy that will pop out in the back

    egg:shoot the bottle near the plastics near it in the back

    you win!

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