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    Created by LubAnimaster

      June 20, 2010, 11:06 pm
    Take all the little tiny grey balls (from what you see, but actually it's coins!) Make sure you have all 4.Talk to the guy leaning on the wall wtih a printing of a music note.Buy the whistle from him.
    Blow the whistle (click on the whistle)
    Go out of classroom now.
    Go inside Mrs. Sleep's room.
    Click on the desk with the top opened.You will get a "slidy" and 2 coins.
    Go out and go right and click on the first locker at the right side and you will get 1 coin.
    Go right again and click on the vent below the poster.Click on the "slidy" to take the vent off.You will get a toilet paper roll.
    Go left and down to the Men's Room.Give the person inside the toilet the paper roll and get the mop inside the stall.Go out.
    Go left and in the Janitor's room.Click on the mop when you get in before you click on the talk bubble.You will get enough money for the cookie now.
    Go right go in Mr Sum's room.
    Click on the notes on the table and get a coin.Go out.
    Go to the teacher's Lounge and click at the back of the cookie machine (at the shadow also can)then plug in the wire.
    Now you can buy the cookie and give it to the fat boy.
    Go in the office and go into the Mr. Mister office.Go out of the office and go all left,open the door and you're OUT OF SCHOOL!

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