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    Created by Pookers

      June 19, 2010, 3:14 pm
    In the first area, grab the newspaper below the statue, the bone sticking out of the grave on the right, and the sickle sticking out of the statue.

    Click the cloud to go to the area to the right of the statue. Enter the tomb on the right. Click the small casket on the right and take the maracas. Leave the tomb, and then enter the one on the left. Drag the sickle from your inventory to the spider web that is holding the remote controlled bat. Leave that tomb. Drag the bat into the tree branches that are blocking you from getting the key (this part may be hard to find the right spot in the branches; I had to go higher than I thought).

    Click the cloud to go back to the first area with the statue, and then click the cloud to go into the area on the left. Take the bone from your inventory and give it to the skeleton dog. Grab the trash cans. Enter the tomb on the right. Open the casket and grab the banjo. Grab the torch. Exit the tomb and enter the tomb on the left. Put the torch in the torch holder to the right of the door. Drag the key from your inventory to each of the locks.

    Head back to the first area with the statue. Give the maracas to the person you rescued in the area on the right (the one with the red shirt). Give the trash cans to the person you unlocked from the area on the left. Lastly, give yourself the banjo!

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