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    Created by Sokki

      July 8, 2009, 10:41 am
    Scene 1:
    First we need to power the Season dial.
    1) Click the Season Dial to open it.
    2) We need two batteries. Click the small cliff on the wall.
    3) Click the battery-fly (with the season dial open) to put one battery in.
    4) Click the bush of the carrot to find the second battery-fly.
    5) Click the battery fly to put the second battery into the Season dial.
    6) Close the season dial.
    7) Click the small rock near Reemus' foot.
    8) Click Reemus to throw the rock at the rock above the green carrot and start a fire to burn away the bush. Make sure the dial is set at summer.
    9) Scroll through each of the seasons. Realise that when you return back to summer, the berries are ripe, but a whole bunch of flies eat them. Also realise that the catepillar that hatches in summer eats the leftover fly eggs.
    10) Click the dial until you get to spring (click three times)
    11) Click the cocoon to hatch the catepillar and eat the fly eggs.
    12) Click the dial once more so you have ripe, uneaten berries.
    13) Click each berry to ooze some juice.
    14) Set the dial to winter
    15) Click each tongue. Each tongue will freeze to each bar
    16) Click Reemus to cross the bridge of tongues.

    Scene 2:
    1) Click the orange fire bug at the bottom right of the screen to hatch the eggs on the ceiling. A bug should come now and suck the eggs.
    2) Click the joint of the left hand stalk.
    3) Click the bug's abdomen to squeeze water into the hole on the bottom left.
    4) Click the small green dot near Reemus (they're actually buds for the furly branch) - the one closest to the horned orange sleeping bug
    5) Click the horned bug.
    6) Click Reemus to scare the bug and hit the sponge rock into the pool of water.
    7) Now Reemus has a soft landing pad. Click him to make him jump.
    8) Click the root near Reemus.
    9) Realise the tip of that root is now next to the fire bug.
    10) Click the bulbous 'cannon' right behind Reemus so that the canon is facing directly upwards. (there are only 3 positions, change it to the highest)
    11) Click the fire bug to launch a blue ball. A crystal should break.
    12) Click the fire bug once again to break a bit of the crystal off.
    13) The beam of light should deflect and hit the eye.
    14) Click Reemus and go to the next room.

    Scene 3:
    1) Click Reemus to make him mount the bug.
    2) Click Reemus again to make him ride the bug and fall into the water.
    3) Now the next bit is all about timing. Watch the ant, it places the sugar onto the pile, signals for a pole/rope and then goes up.
    4) Click the green hanging bat just as the ant drops the sugar onto the pile. Realise that the robotic hand comes alive to grab the egg.
    5) When the ant signals for the rope and it comes down, click the cube to make the arm grab the cube rather than the egg.
    6) If things happen too quick or slow, modify the timing slightly.
    7) Click Reemus to make him jump onto the land and go to the next room.
    8) HOWEVER The green bat comes awake, you must quickly click the hanging rock at the top of the screen directly above the bat to drop a piece and knock the bat out.

    Scene 4:
    If you want to take the brawns approach for this room, don't worry about this step.
    Click the cake that the ant is holding so it drops crumbs.

    Now for everyone:
    1) Grab the unlit post next to Reemus.
    2) Click on the lit post, to light your own.
    3) Click the rock above you to light it (and spit water into the ant guard)
    4) Click the guard to make him fall through onto his spear.
    5) Pick up the head.
    6) Click the spear.
    7) Click on Reemus to make him go to the guard and blue eaty thingy.

    Now you can choose to take the brains or brawn approach now.
    Click the guard to stab him.
    Go to the next room and jump into the queens mouth (by clicking Reemus)

    8) When the blue thing sticks its tongue out, click the crumb closest to you to feed it to the blue thing and pass.
    9) At the queen, click the sponge rock to lever it with the spear into the crack.
    10) Click the fire bug 4 times so that 2 streams of water make the sponge rock very big.
    11) Click the sponge rock
    12) Click Reemus to throw it in.

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