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Plays: 3,135    Rating: 4.3    Favorites: 2

Sudden Aviator

Sudden Aviator is a 2D arena shooter with few interesting mechanics that make it special. In game player is faced with few enemies at once, but combat is really dynamic because battle arena is small, and every enemy is dangerous. Each enemy have unique AI, and set of abilities which enables unique levels, every combination of enemies creates new puzzle player must solve. Rather then just focusing on players reflexes in this game player needs to use tactics to pass the levels. Some of unique mechanics are clouds that hide the enemies, power-ups that combine together, and balance between using special and getting more power-ups. Also game features 24 side missions, 100+ badges, medals, and trophies that reward the player with money for doing different tasks that he can use to buy new upgrades. Game also features epic boss battle, survival mode, two difficulties, story, comic and much more.


WASD - to Fly
Mouse to Aim and Shoot.
Space bar - to Activate Special Attack

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