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 Post subject: I really want to make this game...
PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:54 am 

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So I've come up with a really fun game idea, but that's the problem, it's an idea.
I have no development ability and no artistic ability, but what I have done is conceived an idea which could be as popular as Terraria if not Minecraft itself.

In short and in ways that doesn't give away my idea to a public findable area, it's isometric survival sandbox. The focus of the game however is on co-operation but Singleplayer is 100% still fun.
This is actually the greatest idea I've come up with for a game to the point where I think I could sell this to people.
You see, it's not just a Minecraft or Terraria clone, granted they are inspirations, this is a game that adds a lot more... a lot. Minecraft suffers in its multiplayer and NPC interactions. It's also very one sided that makes everyone the same, the only things this will share with those two games is the fact that it's a random world you survive in and can design to your liking.
All I need is the knowledge of how to make an isometric procedural game, but there's where I stumble, I don't know how to do that.

Likwid, if you have any tips on making this, I would be extremely grateful.

The game would hopefully have a few differences to classic isometric games. For one, movement is not limited to a tile, you can freely move diagonal and such. (Well, diagonal on isometric is normal directions but eh).
Two, it has a fog of war element that I don't want to publicly have out in the open.
Three, it's not going to have that old isometric look of pixels, and it's not going to have that new indie look of flat panels. My goal is to have a game that looks more "cartoon" looking.

I would absolutely love to spill all my concepts for it. From the progression system to the combat to the farming mechanic, but as I believe I could sell this idea, I'm keeping it all safe with me. I know the chances are low that someone would stumble across this post with the ability to make what I want but the fact is that the chance still exist, even if it's less than 1%.

Does anyone have any guidance on how I should make this game?

Call me by my name if you want (Ashley).

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 Post subject: Re: I really want to make this game...
PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:53 pm 

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So, two years in, any progress? If you abandoned the idea, can you make it public?

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